Kurds Declare Autonomy in Syrian Kurdistan

July 22, 2012 in News by IKJ News

Kurds celebrating the liberation of their city

The Kurdish council, an umbra group that gathers Kurdish National Council (KNC)and the Democratic Union Party (PYD,)  said on Sunday in the Kurdistan region of Iraq  that  they have decided to declare an autonomous Kurdistan region in the Syrian Kurdish cities.  The West Kurdistan politicians are seeking  to establish  an  autonomous region similar to the South Kurdistan region of Iraq, Mahmoud Mohammed, a member of the council told elaf website.

As Kurds began seizing control of several Kurdish cities on Wednesday following the withdrawal of the Syrian army from the Kurdish areas in the country, the Kurdish political groups sent a message to the Free Syrian Army ( the Arab opposition group) which battles the Syrian regime,  that they were  not allowed in the Kurdish—populated region.

Syria’s Kurds who have long suffered discrimination under the Assad regime,  now have a chance  to curve a Kurdish zone in   similar to that of Iraq’s autonomous Kurdistan region. 

Qamishli,  which is  the largest Kurdish city in Syria and the capital of West Kurdistan, is still under control of Syrian forces, but Kurdish leaders expect the army to pull out of the area to battle the   powerful Syrian rebel groups in the other Arab cities including the Damascus.