Kurdish Rebels Claim to have ‘Crushed, Defeated the Turkish Army’

June 20, 2012 in News by IKJ News

Turkish Helicopter in the fighting areas, file photo

In a statement, on June 20,2012, the Kurdistan Workers Party(PKK) said that the rebels “crushingly defeated the Republic of Turkey,” claiming victory over the recent clashes that erupted in between the Turkish Security forces and the Kurdish Guerrillas.

The PKK claims that the rebels reacted to the Turkish forces which were “preparing a military operation to target and destroy” the Kurdish  guerrilla bases in the area. The guerrillas said that they have been closely following all the “preparations of the enemy on and in the surrounding area of the Sitaza Military base, which is 20Km within the borders, where enemy soldiers and military hardware deployed intensively for the last month.”

On June 19, the Turkish forces  who were  backed by warplanes, Sikorsky type and Cobra type military helicopters engaged in heave fighting with the Kurdish insurgents in southeast of the country. As the result of these intensive fights, dozens from both sides have been killed and hundreds more wounded.

 Kurdish guerrillas claim that 4 Turkish Sikorsky type military helicopters have been hit and destroyed(1 in the area of Mamiska, 1 in the area of Zeri Sor, 1 in the Triangle of Reske and 1 in the area of Serpel.) Also the PKK said that 3 Cobra type attack helicopters and 6 Sikorsky type helicopters have been out of the war zone after being hit and damaged by the rebels.

The PKK statement also said that 1 Panzer and 1 Scorpian type armoured military vehicle have “been destroyed. ” The PKK said “all together, the effort to intervene to the clashes by the occupier force of the Turkish state army have been broken and crushingly defeated by our guerrillas.” 

The Kurdish insurgents  admit that 15 of their guerrilla fighters were killed in the 2 days of clashes with the Turkish army. However, the PKK said its fighters have killed “109 enemy soldiers and more than 100 enemy soldiers wounded.”

Turkey admitted that 8 of their soldiers were killed, and16 others wounded, and claimed that 18 guerrillas were killed during the first day of the clashes.

The Kurdish fighters said they would inform the  Kurdish people and the public about the I.D. details “of our Martyred Guerrillas in  coming days.” The Kurdish rebels  claim victory over the Turkish army in the recent clashes.